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Taz December 20, Fuck my mouth and dump your hot jizz in it. I love it especially 69 9 0 Reply Submit Reply. Kris21 September 1, Nothing quite like the thrill of continuing sucking a guy's cock whilst he is pumping out his warm spunk 8 0 Reply Submit Reply. Shaun March 6, You would love to do this to me bob 7 0 Reply Submit Reply. Ivan April 3, Gay sex should always be about sucking, ejaculating and swallowing 29 8 Reply Submit Reply.

Such a turn on i love swallowing Xx 3 3 Reply Submit Reply. Matt April 2, I've never had gay sex but I'm starting to enjoy cumming in my own mouth 6 2 Reply Submit Reply. Taz September 3, It's all I want to do now 6 1 Reply Submit Reply.

Bj18 October 10, Love sucking cock and swallowing cum 5 0 Reply Submit Reply. Kris21 March 6, Just like me Bj 11 0 Reply Submit Reply. Mike June 12, Anal sex can be occasionally nice, but I prefer a spermy cock in my mouth 8 1 Reply Submit Reply. Taz January 3, Love sperm Mike 2 0 Reply Submit Reply. Mike, cum in my mouth anytime. Larry January 15, I came in my mouth after that video nicecock and cum shots 10 3 Reply Submit Reply.

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Dan June 11, The most erotic thing ever is to have a guy's lips around your cock sucking as you pump out your hot load of semen 3 2 Reply Submit Reply.

Fuck off June 16, Fuck u bitch 0 1 Reply Submit Reply. And he's, most of the time, also trying to give you heavenly pleasures even though it often doesn't work out, but at least they're trying, right? It's, from my experience, more important than to think of my own desires.

As I mentioned, sexuality increases bonding, so why would you, once you realize that, not want it? Please trust me, a man is usually very grateful in this regard and there's really no drawback.

What would happen if your wife didn't like it? Look at it this. What if your man was going down on you and right before you came, he took his mouth and tongue off you.

Would that be a turn-on or a turn-off? I just randomly came across this and HAD to respond. I obviously don't and would never try to speak for all women. I even lick the head afterwards to make sure I got it all. It's not degrading to me in the least. I get a huge sense of pride in my "work" when I pleasure him that way. I can control when he cums, how hard by how sensual I am during the act I am in complete control of how, when and where he cums when I give him oral.

Which puts me in absolute control. Which is the opposite of degradation. The same goes for anal. Any woman who does not enjoy anal has just not done it right. You have to be very relaxed, very comfortable and trusting of your partner. You also need to be extremely turned on, or it's going to be uncomfortable.

If it is my true desire it is not degrading in the least. And trust me, the last thing my willingness to do these things causes is him thinking less of me.

We're years in, with a couple kids and the sex is still hot, frequent and mind blowing. Now I'm all worked up just thinking about it.

I'm gonna go see if i can get degraded a little ;-. Edited on March 25, at I appreciate this response, Anonymous. I really wish I liked cum in my mouth, I really do. Because I love everything else that you mentioned about giving a man oral and my enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. I have to be stoned to let them cum in my mouth and I usually hide the cum in the sheets or something, pretend I swallowed. That just doesn't seem right. Part of it may be my strong gag reflex. I can barely brush my tongue without gagging.

Squirt your stuff anywhere else on my body love it on my breasts or face ,but man! Is it the taste which turns you off? I ask because the taste can be modified by him changing his diet for a day or two prior to oral sex. There are lists online of foods to avoid and foods which improve the taste. As far as swallowing versus spitting, I think men subconsciously feel she loves us more or is more turned on by us when she swallows, but that said, I never cared if she spit instead.

The main thing to me is staying in her mouth until I cum and for a moment or so afterward. If it is the texture or something else which bothers you, just tell him it bothers you. Tell him you want to pleasure him though and when he is close to let you know and you can finish him by hand.

Guys love getting sucked off just like you love us going down on you when we do it right. He will be happy that you want to please him. It's about total acceptance. Women that treat cum like it was battery acid usually are lousy lays. No, but treating cum like it's battery-acid ain't exactly a turn-on.

I have a big sample to draw from. The women who loved ejaculate frankly were more sexual, more sensual, and overall much better lovers than the women that didn't. The question was asked of men here. I don't treat it like battery acid.

I love to suck his dick. I just don't like the taste or feeling of it in my mouth. Are you no longer in the relationship because she wouldn't let you cum in her mouth?

Imagine that your boytoy has gone down on you and is really just blowing your mind. You are right on the precipice of climax when he abruptly stops what he's doing, removes your genitals from his mouth and recoils in horror.

It is something that really turns a man on when he doesn't have to pull out when he cums. Maybe it is the sucking feeling that we feel after we cum and we hate pulling it out. I would love to have my partner do it, I have had it done many times in the past with other women but I'm not going to push the issue.

I am grateful whenever she even performs oral sex. You sound like a very understanding partner. Guys naturally want to explore and try new things that they haven't tried or want to try things that they have heard about. Girls hear about these things when they are younger from other Girls and the Guys the same.

Girls realize that they can be popular with Guys with these "favors" they can perform for them. Often you will hear Girls tell each other that He certainly gets enough of hers when he gives her oral. Some Girls experiment with "Facials" and the Guys who haven't done it are crazy to try it. But they find that her swallowing feels better than his jerking off in her face.

Besides if she is wearing make up it messes it up and she has to reapply it and that will break the mood. Girls realize that by her swallowing he can have an orgasm and she doesn't have as much risk of getting pregnant if they don't have vaginal sex. She just gives him oral when he cums or the more advanced Girls can give BJ's which takes a bit of learn to master, and even for him it takes a bit of getting used to in order to relax and let it all happen.

Sometimes the turn on isn't as much about the sex act as the emotional feelings that go with the sex. Her acceptance of him with this wonderful intimate act is like a step beyond having your first sex. It is less about the mechanics of it than the intimacy conveyed by doing it. Perdendo Send a private message. I really enjoy when my boyfriend cums in my mouth. I love the warmth of it and the fact that I just pleasured him. Curiousity Send a private message.

Well personally its a turn on to me as well. I swallowed voluntarily the first time, my boyfriend just asked to cum in my mouth and spit it out later but I made the decision to swallow. To me it doesn't taste very bad, there was only one time when it was kind of bitter but normally it isn't bad. I like that my boyfriend gets turned on by me swallowing. Plus he does so much for me, it's only fair I do the stuff he likes as well. Its give and take, not just take.

Cum is really warm and tasty. But when you cum in a hot mouth that is sucking it it feels so good. Try it you will like it. Other times it's a deeply intimate and loving act. And then there're those rare moments that my wife and I are possessed by some kinda sex demons who enjoy nothing more than to root about in one anothers' genitals like a couple of truffle-pigs.

P But seriously, my opinion is this; no matter why your partner likes it, it's important that you enjoy it too. Or at the very least that you don't DISlike it. If it's something that you just really don't want to do, then you shouldn't do it and if he cares about you at all, he won't pressure you.

In this case more than any other I feel that it is vital that both participants enjoy the act i. Otherwise, it becomes degrading at least that's how I feel. In day to day life she is anything but submissive. Edited on October 19, at I like the fact that you don't pressure your wife. My husband has experienced it during an affair and he fell totally in love with her.

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